Sundays Are For Self Love


I felt horrible last Saturday. Physically, I felt fine. Mentally, not so much. It seems easier to feel bad when you have a concrete reason: your relationship is taking is turn for the worst; you hate your job; you can’t pay your bills; someone close to you is sick. When mostly everything is going great, though, you (I) just sort of sit there, on a perfectly nice Saturday, after having gotten a super relaxing facial, thinking “what in god’s name is wrong with me?” The “Feeling Mentally Ill For No Good Reason” days.

And then, I got my period. The few days pre-menstrual cycle where I (and a lot of women I know) feel totally outside of ourselves, hopeless, and alone, aren’t talked about enough, in my opinion. You feel fine the majority of the the time, but during those few days, holy cow. Total, utter depression.

Now that I am feeling back to my normal, mostly positive self, I wanted to share some of the steps I take to get out of the pre-period funk. I’ll preface this list by saying that each of these things should feel easeful - don’t force yourself to do anything if all you want to do is lay on the couch, watch Modern Family, and eat some Halotop (or full fat ice cream)!

  1. Get active. Because, endorphins. Seriously! They work. Even on days when I most want an extra few hours in bed, I never, ever regret a workout class. Orange Theory is my class of choice, so if there’s a studio in your area, I really can’t recommend trying it out enough.

  2. Get outside. If you’re not feeling like working out, get out - even if it’s only for a quick drive to Target. Being (kind of) more in nature (even if that only means looking at trees through a car window) can make me feel better - more alive.

  3. Write it down. Journal how you feel throughout the day, and how your mood might have changed with different actions you took. Did a certain song you heard uplift you? Video? Netflix show? Something you ate or drank? Have these on hand for the next time you’re feeling down.

  4. Phone a friend. Re-connecting with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a few days, weeks, or months, always feels good to me. It also helps to get my mind off of my bad mood.

  5. Bake it out. I love to bake - I find the measuring, the following of a recipe, to be soothing. Unlike cooking, there isn’t a ton of room for creativity, so you really have to focus on getting a precise amount of each ingredient in there. Again, this helps to re-focus my energy.

  6. Laugh. Do anything and everything that will elicit a lot of laughter. For me, this means The Office, Modern Family, and any romcom featuring Vince Vaughn.

That’s it for today, guys! I hope you’re feeling good today and if not, I hope this list helps.