Is It Spring Yet? No? Here Are Some Peachy Pink Glosses To Wear Now


I’ve never really thought of myself as an All-Or-Nothing king of person, but, now that we’re dangerously close to March I’m like “hey, give me 6 feet of snow or give me beach.” I need at least two good snow days per season, ya know? Heck, even if they land on a weekend! A day or two to snuggle up on the couch with some nicely platted charcuterie and a few glasses of mulled wine will do.

ANYWAY. Gloss. Amirite? No news here - I’ve always been a gloss girl, through and through. Don’t get me wrong, though. I don’t LOVE super sticky glosses. Just give me something nearing comfortable, that shines, is possibly shimmery, and that enhances my natural lips. Not too much to ask, no? ;) Also something that’s definitely no surprise - peachy pink is my thing. My go-to. My comfort zone. I think it looks good on everyone, looks beautiful on its own or over any kind of neutral or pink lipstick, and is any-occasion appropriate. Right now it’s giving me some spring vibes, and making me think of great times spent on Fire Island last summer, and the great (warm) times that are to come in 2019. And so, without further adieu (I always start to screw up that spelling, btw), here are my top peachy-pink gloss picks for this upcoming (hopefully sooner rather than later) spring season!

From left to right (in both photos)

  1. Kylie Gloss in Snatched

  2. Milani Luminoso

  3. Sephora Earth Angel

  4. Pat McGrath Pale Fire Nectar

  5. Nars Suck

  6. Milani Prismatic Peach

  7. Charlotte Tilbury Portobello Girl