Get Glowing


Happy Thursday, and welcome to my new blog space on this brand new site! I’m so happy to finally have all functionality in place (you can now book makeup lessons + consultations here directly!) - this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Beauty products are also in the works, so be on the lookout for those as well in 2019!

Onto what’s most important here - my favorite products to get the glow, above. It all starts with skin - and trust me, I know how frustrating it can be to have problematic skin, and think “why in the world would I apply oil overtop of oily skin?!” I used to load on matte foundation, and add a crazy amount of powder overtop. I never moisturized, and, I truly think that a lack of hydration, plus tons of mattifying powder, only caused additional breakouts, and an oily, rather than dewy + glowing complexion. Fast forward several years and here I am today, using hydrating face masks, thick moisturizers, and a few gorgeous face oils to prep my skin, and applying zero powder to set anything in place. I believe that skipping moisturizer + oil causes skin to go into a sort of lacking mode, (lacking hydration, lacking oil), and therefore will only product more of it. With the help of Drunk Elephant Face Oil, my favorite It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Moisturizer, and Loli Beauty Tea Seed Elixir, my skin has never been more even, more balanced, more glowy. To further prep and prime before foundation, I will sometimes take some of Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow, and blend all over. This product adds a golden glow that brightens up my complexion.

As far as bases go, I’m sure you all know by now how much I love It Cosmetics CC Cream. It provides really great coverage (medium, I’d say), blends like a dream, looks totally natural/like skin, and lasts all day long without powder/setting spray. If I want to add more dewy-ness overtop of this foundation, I take some of Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Fl awless Filter onto my cheek bones, cheeks, bridge of my nose and cupid’s bow.

To further highlight, there are four products that I think are so, so pretty - they all add a stunning glow, while looking natural and not disco-ball glittery. The Victoria’s Secret highlighting stick is a really pretty champagne tone, and the consistency is really lovely - like a soft velvet. To apply, I use my fingertip to pick up the product (this way I don’t disturb the rest of my makeup by swiping it onto my cheek), and tap onto my cheek bones, nose - really anywhere I want a bit of extra glow. The Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand is another gorgeous champagne glow, only it is a slightly more liquid consistency, and I think it is more light reflective than the VS stick. I love applying this to the cheek bones, and it is my favorite product to use on the inner corners of my eyes for added brightness. The Tom Ford Shade + Illuminate Palette contains the most natural dewy highlight - another great one if you want a lit-from-within-glow without any noticeable color or shimmer. Lastly, and most certainly not least, RMS Champagne Rose, a champagne with a slight pink hue that has such a perfect dewy consistency! This one catches the light like nothing else I have seen before.

For blush, I’ve gone back to a super old favorite - Stila Convertible Color in Lillium, a really nice muted light pink that is beautifully understated - perfect for any season, any occasion. It blends really nicely over any liquid foundation I’ve used, and has really great lasting power.

Ok, onto lips! I have always, always been a gloss girl, and I’m so happy that lip gloss is coming back in a big way. Whether I wear it on its own, or overtop of my favorite lipstick, I love how it looks both in person and in photographs. A few of my current favorites are the Milani Plumping Glosses (so comfortable, so shiny!), Kylie’s lip glosses (favorite shades are Daddy’s Girl, Snatched, and Diva), Fenty glosses (Fu$$y is the most perfect shimmering dusty pink!), Anastasia Beverly Hills (shade Kristen - such beautiful pigment!), and elf cosmetics lip plumping gloss (so affordable, and the pink shade is the most perfect pink I’ve come across!).

That completes my little glowy roundup for now, guys! Please let me know what your favorite dewy products are in the comments. Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my new site!