Something Other Than Peachy Pink

red lip.jpg

Hello, and Happy Friday, friends! For those of you who are like, ok already, can we see something that isn’t pink or peach?! This. This is for you. But it’s really for anyone who is looking for a bold lip moment this weekend ;)

I am of the school of thought that you don’t HAVE to choose a lip or an eye look. You don’t have to keep the rest of your face bare if you want to rock red. Honestly, you can do whatever you want because you’re you and being unique is the best. If you are looking for some direction on what to pair with a pretty red lip, then this is my favorite combination! A pale champagne eye, glossy glowing skin, a slightly rosy cheek, and a clean, crisp liquid line cat eye.

Ok, so, to start off (that is, if you’re interested in achieving this kind of look ;)), apply a light, dewy base that lets some of your skin peek through. Here, I went with my go-to It Cosmetics CC Cream (I mix the shades fair + light). My favorite way to apply this is with a wet beauty blender, as I find I get the most natural finish this way. Conceal under eyes and on any spots with a thicker concealer - my favorite is It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye. Again, I blend that in with a beauty blender.

I normally skip powder (shock, horror!), but if you like to use one, Rimmel makes great affordable ones! Next up, take your favorite bronzer and apply with a fluffy brush to temples, under neath cheekbones, and on the jaw line. In the usual “E/B” technique (basically, draw an E/B on your face with the brush to apply, starting at the temple, taking the brush inwards when you get to your cheek bone, and then out again at the jaw. God I hope that makes sense in written form. Anywho, a bit of glow is up next. Take your favorite cream highlighter - I normally do a bit of Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter and Beauty Light Wand, and apply them both to my cheekbones and bridge of my nose, and take a tiny amount of the flawless filter right onto my cheeks. I apply using a tapping motion with my fingertips so as to not disturb the rest of the makeup I’ve applied.

Bringing back color here - blush! Once you’ve laid your base, grab a cream blush - here I used Stila Convertible Color in Lillium - and apply onto the apples of cheeks using fingertips. I apply by tapping the product onto my cheeks in a circular motion. Getting to the eyes now - take a cream champagne shade - here I used Charlotte Tilbury’s Jean, which I think is absolutely perfect for everyday makeup, any season! I just apply with a fingertip by smudging the product across my lid, and then kind of buffing the edges into my crease/outer corner of my eyes with either my finger or a fluffy brush. I also took a small amount of Jean onto the inner corners of my eyes. For a crisp liquid line, take a black liquid liner - here I used Pat McGrath’s - and start with a very thin line starting from the inner corner of the eye. When you are very close to the outer corner of the eye, start to draw a line that angles towards the tail end of your eye brow. Once you get the line to a place you like, then pull the line back in, connecting with the line you drew on your upper lash line. (I do have an Instagram highlight video on liquid liner and cat eyes I promise). Complete the eyes with multiple coats of a volumizing/separating mascara - my go-to is L’Oreal Lash Paradise. I’m on my 6th or 7th tube of the stuff right now, if that tells you how much I can’t live without it.

Anddd finally, lips! You can go matte or glossy here - choose your own adventure, ya know? I went glossy, because, that’s just my style sometimes (ok, most of the time). The red is YSL Tatouage #9, the best, most long-lasting, won’t-dry-out-your-lips formula. Gloss is Fenty Gloss Bomb tapped on top.

And there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and that you have fun recreating this look! Please tag me with #sarahlovesmakeup on Instagram if you try it out! <3

Is It Spring Yet? No? Here Are Some Peachy Pink Glosses To Wear Now


I’ve never really thought of myself as an All-Or-Nothing king of person, but, now that we’re dangerously close to March I’m like “hey, give me 6 feet of snow or give me beach.” I need at least two good snow days per season, ya know? Heck, even if they land on a weekend! A day or two to snuggle up on the couch with some nicely platted charcuterie and a few glasses of mulled wine will do.

ANYWAY. Gloss. Amirite? No news here - I’ve always been a gloss girl, through and through. Don’t get me wrong, though. I don’t LOVE super sticky glosses. Just give me something nearing comfortable, that shines, is possibly shimmery, and that enhances my natural lips. Not too much to ask, no? ;) Also something that’s definitely no surprise - peachy pink is my thing. My go-to. My comfort zone. I think it looks good on everyone, looks beautiful on its own or over any kind of neutral or pink lipstick, and is any-occasion appropriate. Right now it’s giving me some spring vibes, and making me think of great times spent on Fire Island last summer, and the great (warm) times that are to come in 2019. And so, without further adieu (I always start to screw up that spelling, btw), here are my top peachy-pink gloss picks for this upcoming (hopefully sooner rather than later) spring season!

From left to right (in both photos)

  1. Kylie Gloss in Snatched

  2. Milani Luminoso

  3. Sephora Earth Angel

  4. Pat McGrath Pale Fire Nectar

  5. Nars Suck

  6. Milani Prismatic Peach

  7. Charlotte Tilbury Portobello Girl

8 Neutral Lipsticks That Are Perfect For Everyday


Hello, and Happy Monday! I’m hoping to add a bit of sparkle, or something, to your start of the week by sharing not one, not two, not three… but EIGHT neutral lipsticks that I have been loving, and, that I think are absolutely perfect for everyday where (100% office environment approved).

A few lipsticks, a couple of glosses, and a stain thrown in for good measure. I think I’ve got you here - no matter what your formula preference. As far as color goes, I think I have a good mixture of neutrals - from a lighter pink gloss, to peachy pinks, to nude pinks, to more of a brown-y nude - there’s a little something for everyone.

All have good color payoff and are basically shimmer-less (I do like some shimmer but totally understand if you don’t want any part of it. I also understand that, despite it being 20-freaking-19, women deal with makeup restrictions in the office). Let’s dive in:


  • Burt’s Bees Nude Rain - ok, so this one has the FINEST bit of shimmer - definitely not noticeable, at least to me. So affordable, so comfortable, and the perfect light-nude-pink.

  • Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk - this one is in my top two favorite lipsticks of all time. A really comfortable, lip enhancing semi-matte (more of a velvet, to me) formula that wears really well; a perfect medium nude pink that is super flattering on so many skin tones.

  • Pat McGrath Valletta - we’re entering peachy goodness territory here! Valletta is my perfect peachy pink - my go-to on days when I want something a bit lighter than shades like Pillow Talk. Opaque color, super creamy texture, and looks perfect on its own or with a clear or shimmer gloss overtop.


  • Bare Minerals Beautimus - a beautiful (or, beaitumus) pale muted pink that has realllllly killer color payoff (for being a gloss). Consistency is a bit tacky, but I really don’t mind it. Just makes the gloss/color last longer on my lips!

  • Pat McGrath Aphrodisiac - honestly, the most perfect warm, neutral peach-pink of life. Color payoff here is good - a perfect medium. The middle bear, if you will. Not sheer, but not full coverage. It allows a hint of my natural lip to peak through. Less tacky than Bare Minerals’ formula; this texture is super creamy, never sticky.

Liquid + Velvet Lips

  • Nars Velvet Lip Glides in Suck and Swing - I. Love. This. FORMULA! So creamy, so comfortable. Satin, sheen-y finish. Absolutely no sticky feeling whatsoever. A solid 3 hours of wear time. Lip perfecting. Need I say more?! Suck is a beautiful, perfect muted peachy coral - I cannot get enough. I love this on its own, or, with a bit of gloss tapped onto the center of lips. Swing is a brown-y nude that is chic-er than chic. LOVE.

  • YSL Tatouage in No. 7 - this formula is my favorite liquid matte lip of all time! First of all, can we talk about the squared off applicator? Because it is perfection (especially if you want a darker color and have a hard time coloring in the lines). This is another really wonderful neutral pinky-nude that has incredible lasting power - going to say 5 -6 hours here - through drinks, through meals.

I’d love to know what your current favorite neutral lip products are!

Valentine's Day Ready


Hello! And happy Valentine’s Day, guys. The day is upon us and, even though I don’t have concrete plans for the night or the weekend, I know what makeup I’ll be wearing (who else makeup plans like me? ;p).

Call me cliche, but for this Hallmark holiday I love me some pinks - on the eyes, cheeks, and lips! Also, lots of creams for a super glowy, not-to-heavy look + feel.

For the look above, the key products are Kevyn Aucoin’s foil shadow in rose gold, Rimmel’s East End Snob lip liner, and Pat Mcgrath’s liquid liner + Pale Fire Nectar gloss. Lots of pink, lots of glow, super wearable in my opinion! If you still have a bit of time to run to the drugstore or Sephora, and want to add a few really quality, uber pretty products to your collection, let me recommend the below:

  • Eyes: Joah Beauty Birthday Suit palette; Natasha Denona Mini Nude; Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes; Keyvn Aucoin As Seen In (gorgeous mauves and comes with my current favorite rose gold foil); Charlotte Tilbury cream shadows in Rose Gold + Jean

  • Cheeks: Stilla Lillium convertible compact; Nars orgasm liquid blush; RMS Champagne Rose; Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

  • Lips: Bobbi Brown crushed lip in baby; Bobbi Brown Hippy Shake; Nars Suck; Pat Mcgrath Lipstick in Valletta; Pat McGrath gloss in pale fire nectar; Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk; Milani gloss in Luminoso; Burt’s Bees lipstick in Nude Rain

I hope that, no matter what your plans are, or who you’re spending Valentine’s/Galentine’s with, that you show yourself some love, first!

Sundays Are For Self Love


I felt horrible last Saturday. Physically, I felt fine. Mentally, not so much. It seems easier to feel bad when you have a concrete reason: your relationship is taking is turn for the worst; you hate your job; you can’t pay your bills; someone close to you is sick. When mostly everything is going great, though, you (I) just sort of sit there, on a perfectly nice Saturday, after having gotten a super relaxing facial, thinking “what in god’s name is wrong with me?” The “Feeling Mentally Ill For No Good Reason” days.

And then, I got my period. The few days pre-menstrual cycle where I (and a lot of women I know) feel totally outside of ourselves, hopeless, and alone, aren’t talked about enough, in my opinion. You feel fine the majority of the the time, but during those few days, holy cow. Total, utter depression.

Now that I am feeling back to my normal, mostly positive self, I wanted to share some of the steps I take to get out of the pre-period funk. I’ll preface this list by saying that each of these things should feel easeful - don’t force yourself to do anything if all you want to do is lay on the couch, watch Modern Family, and eat some Halotop (or full fat ice cream)!

  1. Get active. Because, endorphins. Seriously! They work. Even on days when I most want an extra few hours in bed, I never, ever regret a workout class. Orange Theory is my class of choice, so if there’s a studio in your area, I really can’t recommend trying it out enough.

  2. Get outside. If you’re not feeling like working out, get out - even if it’s only for a quick drive to Target. Being (kind of) more in nature (even if that only means looking at trees through a car window) can make me feel better - more alive.

  3. Write it down. Journal how you feel throughout the day, and how your mood might have changed with different actions you took. Did a certain song you heard uplift you? Video? Netflix show? Something you ate or drank? Have these on hand for the next time you’re feeling down.

  4. Phone a friend. Re-connecting with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a few days, weeks, or months, always feels good to me. It also helps to get my mind off of my bad mood.

  5. Bake it out. I love to bake - I find the measuring, the following of a recipe, to be soothing. Unlike cooking, there isn’t a ton of room for creativity, so you really have to focus on getting a precise amount of each ingredient in there. Again, this helps to re-focus my energy.

  6. Laugh. Do anything and everything that will elicit a lot of laughter. For me, this means The Office, Modern Family, and any romcom featuring Vince Vaughn.

That’s it for today, guys! I hope you’re feeling good today and if not, I hope this list helps.

My Favorite Everyday Makeup Tips


So yes, I do wear makeup almost everyday. It’s not a chore to me, it’s more of a daily ritual, and, if you can believe it, I find the application process very relaxing. I know not everyone feels the same as I do about makeup, and that’s ok! If you like makeup, or want to start liking/applying makeup, I want to help you streamline your everyday look, as well as give you a few tips and tricks to enhance your natural beauty!

  1. Light Base + Spot Conceal: I think that a lot of people shy away from makeup and foundation because the thought of painting your entire face with a thick flesh-toned substance can seem a little creepy. Not hating on any full-coverage foundations out there (there are a lot of great ones, and they can look really lovely!), but it’s just not my style - especially for a fresh, natural, everyday look. If you are already working with clear skin, I recommend applying a light layer of a light coverage base, something like It Cosmetics CC Cream, or Glossier Skin Tint. Both will provide a little bit of coverage, and will help you achieve a more perfected, even skin tone. If you have discoloration or spots you want to cover up, I recommend still using those same light bases, and then going overtop with a thicker concealer - I love concealers from It Cosmetics and Laura Mercier for doing this job. If you’re worried about oil break through, or the concealer wearing down on your problem areas throughout the day - try applying a bit of powder to those areas after foundation, then concealing overtop, and adding one final light layer of translucent powder.

  2. Cream Blush: directly onto the apples of cheeks: nothing to me gives off a fresh, healthy glow like some cream pink blush tapped onto the centers of cheeks! It’s such an angelic, almost doll-like look that I think can instantly make you look more alive + ready for whatever the day will throw at you.

  3. Lash Curler + Lengthening Mascara: even on the no makeup-y-est of no makeup days, I will curl my eye lashes. This step really opens up the eyes and makes me look (and I think feel) more awake. Kevyn Aucoin’s lash curler is great, but you can find a wide variety at Sephora, Ulta, or the drugstore. If you want to take your everyday look a step further, try a lengthening mascara that will also separate your lashes - so fluttery! Glossier’s Lash Slick accomplishes this goal while looking very natural.

  4. Dewy Highlights: want to look glowy without any added shimmer or glitter? Go for a natural cream highlight! My favorite, natural looking cream highlight is RMS’ Champagne Rose. It’s a gorgeous pale champagne tone that adds the most beautiful natural glow to cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and the bridge of the nose. If you want to add even more dew to your look, take a small amount and tap onto the centers of eyelids, and on the inner corners of eyes.

  5. Juicy Lips: I am, and have always been, a lip gloss lover. A good gloss will accentuate lips in all the right ways - make them appear fuller + healthy. I love tapping a small amount of gloss onto the center of my lips either on bare lips, or, over my favorite natural lip liner or lip color.

I hope you guys enjoy these quick tips to enhance your natural beauty! Please let me know which of the steps above you take everyday!

Makeup: Where I Spend, Where I Save


Happy Monday, guys! Today I want to write about (I’m sure you’ve guessed by now) where I spend money and where I save when it comes to makeup products. I’m definitely a sucker for beautiful packaging and super luxury, quality things, but, there’s something thrilling about a great, affordable product that gets the job done just as well, if not better, than its high-end counterpart.

Let’s talk mascara first. I run through mascara faster than any product; it’s something I use essentially everyday, and a lot of times twice a day if I’m feeling a little afternoon lash touch-up. Even if you don’t wear mascara daily and go through tubes as quickly as I do, it’s a product that you don’t want to keep around for several months because of hygiene reasons and bacteria that can transfer into the tube. Seeing as I don’t have unlimited funds, I can’t exactly afford to spend upwards of $30 every time I need to replace a mascara. And, with such great drugstore options, I never feel the need to! Two really amazing drugstore mascaras I’ve found are L’Oreal Lash Paradise (I opt for the waterproof version - I find it holds a curl for longer, and, never winds up smudged underneath my eyes), and L’Oreal Unlimited. Lash Paradise adds incredible volume without clumping, and Unlimited is really great for lengthening. Liner is kind of in the same family, so quick shoutout to my favorite, super black, super pigmented, super long-lasting drugstore liquid liner from Joah Beauty! Also, how cute is the packaging - I love the gold cap!

Eyeshadow can be tricky - so many drugstore shadows I’ve tried are really powdery and have a ton of kick-back, little color-payoff. This is something I typically will spend more money on because of those reasons, and, lasting powder that higher-end brands have, like Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, and Too Faced, to name a few. BUT - I think I have found a few reallllly amazing options at the drugstore - Milani’s Eyeshadow Palettes, Almay’s color quads, and L’Oreal Infallible Shadow (not pictured here). The Milani Pure Passion palette, shown above, is a warm shadow lover’s dream! The formula is so buttery, so pigmented, and all shades blend so, so beautifully. The top two rows are great for variations on everyday looks, and the bottom two are perfect for experimenting with a bit more color. It’s a really solid palette that, in my mind, rivals Naked Heat and CT’s Stars in Your Eyes palette. The Almay shadow is less pigmented, but the formula definitely isn’t powdery. This is really nice if you are looking for something easy to apply - something that you can apply with a finger and blend over the lid, and not really think about it. L’Oreal’s Infallible shadows are definitely on the shimmery side of things, but they are sooooo pretty, and have a really lovely formula. My two favorite, one-wash-wonder shades are Iced Latte (a more pale shimmer), and Amber Haze (a really nice bronze-amber shimmer).

When it comes to foundation and concealer, I usually stick to my tried and true products (aka, It Cosmetics CC Cream and Bye Bye Undereye Concealer). However, one base product from the drugstore that I have loved for a long time, and that I just recently repurchased, is Maybelline’s Age Rewind. This stuff really is the perfect concealer consistency - not too thick or tacky, but not drying, either. It glides on under eyes really nicely, and blends out with a beauty blender (my tool of choice for under eye blending) like a dream. After using this guy again for the past few days, I have totally fallen back in love AND - I think that it creases less than other concealers I’ve used - including the one by It. I’ve also been using Revlon’s Photoready Candid foundation for the past four days, and although I don’t love it as much as my favorite high-end foundations, it is a good affordable option. It blends out to a nice seamless finish, but, I find that it gathers in my problem areas after about 5 hours of wear (cheeks, around the nose).

Ahh, lip products. Hello, I’m Sarah, and I am a lip product addict. Can you tell? Thank goodness the drugstore has so many wonderful, affordable lip product options! Lip Liner’s are not easy to get right - I want something that isn’t too creamy (I don’t want it bleeding outside of my lip lines), but I also don’t want the formula too be toooo rough, in that it can pull my skin. NYX’s lip liner’s are the perfect, not too creamy, not too hard formula, they have great lasting power, and a lot of gorgeous neutral options. My favorite (above) is the shade Sugar Glass. My favorite drugstore lipstick formula is Revlon’s Super Lustrous formula - creamy, not too thick, lightweight, good color payoff. This lipstick is so comfortable, when I apply, I forget that anything’s there. I haven’t tried out any of the deeper shades from this line, but a couple of my go-to everyday colors are Bare Affair and Pink Truffle - both are perfect for everyday. If you want more of a lip creme - a sort of liquid lipstick-gloss hybrid, you need to check out Revlon’s Kiss Plumping Lip Cremes! Really comfortable, gorgeous creamy, lip enhancing formula that doesn’t accentuate any lip lines. If you’re more of a gloss girl, get after elf’s plumping gloss, Milani’s plumping gloss, and Revlon’s ultra hd lip lacquer - I truly think that all three are just as good as any high-end glosses I’ve tried.

Now, what do I prefer to spend more money on? Products that I haven’t found great drugstore alternatives for are all in the cream formula family: cream blush (my current go-to is Stila’s Lillium), cream highlight (right now I can’t live without Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Light Wand and rms’ Champagne Rose), and cream contour (Tom Ford Shade an Illuminate is my everyday contour product). I will continue on my search for great drugstore cream products but, for now, there’s no replacing these for me.

To round this all out, here are my favorite shades of the affordable products I mentioned:

  • Lip Liner - NYX Sugar Glass

  • Eyeshadow - Milani Pure Passion Eyeshadow Palette

  • Lipstick - Revlon Bare Affair, Revlon Pink Truffle

  • Lip Gloss - Milani Luminoso, Milani Prismatic Peach, elf Sparkling Rose, Revlon Sandstone

  • Lip Creme - Revlon Nude Honey, Cashmere Creme, Fresh Petal, Peony Buff

A Version of Everyday


It’s Friday, we’re in the few days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve when all I typically want to do is eat cookies, wear comfortable clothing, and hold onto movies like The Holiday for as long as I can. I really didn’t plan on putting any makeup on today…until two products I haven’t used in a while caught my eye, and I caught some inspiration to do a take on a very “me,” everyday makeup.

The two products I speak of are L’Oreal’s Lacquer Liner (essentially a black gel liner), and Urban Decay’s Naked Lip Gloss - both really wonderful, any occasion beauty things that somehow made it to the back of my drawer over time (“somehow” - the result of having a ridiculous amount of makeup). I really think that this gel liner rivals any high-end brand. It’s super black, has an easy to work with, creamy consistency, and has awesome lasting powder. This guy also comes with a little brush that I used today to apply - it’s not totally ideal for drawing a wing (a finer brush with longer + fewer bristles would be better), but I made do. The Naked Lip Gloss, a nude-pink-mauve (honestly - hard to describe!) with very fine pearly pink shimmer is also a winner. Pretty, sheer color, a really comfortable consistency (not sticky in the least!), and decent wear time - I get at least a couple of hours out of this gloss before wanting to re-apply. It makes for a really pretty stand-alone gloss, and, it works really nicely over any kind of nude or pink lipstick.

Now, onto the rest of my face! For foundation I used (surprise, surprise) It Cosmetics CC Cream - perfect coverage, a nice dewy finish. For a bit of extra glow all over I applied a bit of Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter to my cheek bones, bridge of my nose, and cheeks. To bronze up my face, I used It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Bronzer, which is such a nice, non-orange-y shade that does a great job of warming up my pretty pale complexion! Today I went in with not one, but two more highlight shades because, why not? ;) First, I took Victoria’s Secret Just Say Glow (unsung hero material here) and applied to cheekbones with my finger. I went overtop of this with RMS Champagne Rose, again using tapping motions. I mixed these two together to get a nice inner corner of the eye highlight! Oh and also, on the eyes, I took a small amount of the VS highlight on my lids (multi use product alert!), and a bit of the bronzer in my crease. I lined my eyes with the L’Oreal Gel Liner, and applied a few coats of L’Oreal Lash Paradise to my lashes. For blush, I used a long-time fave - Nars Liquid Blush in Orgasm. Such a great pop of peachy pink with some fine golden shimmer - perfect for a gloomy, rainy day like today! Last but definitely not least, for lips, I lined and filled in with Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, and applied the Urban Decay Naked gloss overtop.

Thanks so much for reading, guys! I’d love to read your thoughts/comments on the above look! Also, I’d love to know what you want to see/read more of on here!

Get Glowing


Happy Thursday, and welcome to my new blog space on this brand new site! I’m so happy to finally have all functionality in place (you can now book makeup lessons + consultations here directly!) - this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Beauty products are also in the works, so be on the lookout for those as well in 2019!

Onto what’s most important here - my favorite products to get the glow, above. It all starts with skin - and trust me, I know how frustrating it can be to have problematic skin, and think “why in the world would I apply oil overtop of oily skin?!” I used to load on matte foundation, and add a crazy amount of powder overtop. I never moisturized, and, I truly think that a lack of hydration, plus tons of mattifying powder, only caused additional breakouts, and an oily, rather than dewy + glowing complexion. Fast forward several years and here I am today, using hydrating face masks, thick moisturizers, and a few gorgeous face oils to prep my skin, and applying zero powder to set anything in place. I believe that skipping moisturizer + oil causes skin to go into a sort of lacking mode, (lacking hydration, lacking oil), and therefore will only product more of it. With the help of Drunk Elephant Face Oil, my favorite It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Moisturizer, and Loli Beauty Tea Seed Elixir, my skin has never been more even, more balanced, more glowy. To further prep and prime before foundation, I will sometimes take some of Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow, and blend all over. This product adds a golden glow that brightens up my complexion.

As far as bases go, I’m sure you all know by now how much I love It Cosmetics CC Cream. It provides really great coverage (medium, I’d say), blends like a dream, looks totally natural/like skin, and lasts all day long without powder/setting spray. If I want to add more dewy-ness overtop of this foundation, I take some of Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Fl awless Filter onto my cheek bones, cheeks, bridge of my nose and cupid’s bow.

To further highlight, there are four products that I think are so, so pretty - they all add a stunning glow, while looking natural and not disco-ball glittery. The Victoria’s Secret highlighting stick is a really pretty champagne tone, and the consistency is really lovely - like a soft velvet. To apply, I use my fingertip to pick up the product (this way I don’t disturb the rest of my makeup by swiping it onto my cheek), and tap onto my cheek bones, nose - really anywhere I want a bit of extra glow. The Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand is another gorgeous champagne glow, only it is a slightly more liquid consistency, and I think it is more light reflective than the VS stick. I love applying this to the cheek bones, and it is my favorite product to use on the inner corners of my eyes for added brightness. The Tom Ford Shade + Illuminate Palette contains the most natural dewy highlight - another great one if you want a lit-from-within-glow without any noticeable color or shimmer. Lastly, and most certainly not least, RMS Champagne Rose, a champagne with a slight pink hue that has such a perfect dewy consistency! This one catches the light like nothing else I have seen before.

For blush, I’ve gone back to a super old favorite - Stila Convertible Color in Lillium, a really nice muted light pink that is beautifully understated - perfect for any season, any occasion. It blends really nicely over any liquid foundation I’ve used, and has really great lasting power.

Ok, onto lips! I have always, always been a gloss girl, and I’m so happy that lip gloss is coming back in a big way. Whether I wear it on its own, or overtop of my favorite lipstick, I love how it looks both in person and in photographs. A few of my current favorites are the Milani Plumping Glosses (so comfortable, so shiny!), Kylie’s lip glosses (favorite shades are Daddy’s Girl, Snatched, and Diva), Fenty glosses (Fu$$y is the most perfect shimmering dusty pink!), Anastasia Beverly Hills (shade Kristen - such beautiful pigment!), and elf cosmetics lip plumping gloss (so affordable, and the pink shade is the most perfect pink I’ve come across!).

That completes my little glowy roundup for now, guys! Please let me know what your favorite dewy products are in the comments. Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my new site!